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 Why Kouksundo (or uSundo) is good for my health < back 

In Kouksundo, the practice of meditation is called "Heng-gong," and it is not done separately, but always with breathing, meditation, and stretching together.

The meditation of Kouksundo is organized into different steps with rhythm. The breathing of Kouksundo should be always done by lower abdomen movement, not just by chest wall movement. The reason is that by doing so, it can stimulate parasympathetic nerves, which then stimulates serotonin production, which then calms down our mind and keep the right balance in our body and mind.

Under this circumstance, our metabolism slows down, energy production reduces, and also reactive oxygen production is prohibited.

In nature, usually animals with slower breathing rate live longer. Mice only live for about a year, but the naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) whose breathing rate is much slower live for about 30 years. Even for humans, to live longer, we should breathe slowly. When we are excited, nervous, or when exercising, we breathe in more oxygen and therefore produce more reactive oxygen, which leads to the damage. So people who are relaxed and eat less live longer and healthier lives.

When our body and mind are relaxed through meditation, our unused energy is used to improve our immunity. This is why we get more immune to infections and our illness when we do meditation. When our mind is relaxed, it also helps with depression.

According to Steven Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., he was able to be creative because he was able to empty his mind through meditation.

When the mind is empty, it can be refilled with new ideas.

When students practice meditation, they can become more creative and productive.

The senior can benefit by getting more immune to illnesses as well as becoming stronger and improving the tone of their skin.

This claim is supported by many cases where even sick and immobile patients improving significantly after practicing Kouksundo. 

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