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TickPic = 5% Gift Coupon

Play TickPic to earn Referral Bonus.

     1.	Sign up at either Submit form of homepage, or Registration of Account Log in 
        on the top menu.
     2. [ Go Account Log in ]  -->  [ My Account ]  --> Get my TickPic.
        You need to write your name on the TickPic. Otherwise, we have no way to know 
        you referred us to others. 
     3. Follow the process to make your TickPic and send it to your friends.
        (1) is for using Twitter or Blog, to send your TickPic.
        (2),(3) are for using Email to send your TickPic. 
        (4) is the way to upload your TickPic on the Blog or Website.
     4.	You will earn Referral Bonus when you sent your TickPic to your friends, and one 
        of them to purchase membership, then you will get 7 percent of the amount.
        Buyer will get 5percent of discount for membership fee, if they submit a TickPic.

     5.	Contact us for group discount or OEM product for you.







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