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Sundo is the way of Deep Breathing by Danjeon (lower abdomen) to distribute the Ki (energy) to whole body. To do that, you need sequential Stretching postures to collect Ki from the universe more effectively by deep breathing and accumulate it at Danjeon. But when you inhale, if you breathe by middle or upper abdomen, it is of no use. You must breathe by Danjeon. because when the Danjeon is up and down, it will push and pull the bundle of parasympathetic nerve, which is in Pelvis, and the nerve will report the stimulation to the brain, then the brain orders to produce more immunity power. 

It is well known scheme to the doctors, and some doctors who understands Sundo well, says that Sundo is one of the most efficient exercises to increase immunity power.  

Sundo has been consisted of more than 500 Stretching and Deep Breathing postures. People will practice different level of Stretching and Deep breathing postures by their level of skills, which are Ipmoon for the Entry level, Choonggi for the 1st level, Kungon for the 2nd, and Wongi for the 3rd level. Each level has 4 different time length, 20, 40, 60 and 80 minutes,  practicing programs for employees who are busy and can’t share time to practice for long time. They can select any time length of program to practice. 

Doindosong  ( The song to lead you to Do -Theory of universe() )

Everything in the universe have their own Ki(kind of Energy), and because of the Ki they can exist in the universe. Ki is an Energy or Power to lead everything to the center of the universe, (like as gravity) and we say it is Choonggi. The meaning of [Choong] is [Center] and [gi] is [Ki]. In other words, Choonggi is the power of Rule or Order of everything. It helps Positive and Negative combined and to create the Birth of Everything.  Confucianism, Sundo or Buddhism are all talking the same power of order to put everything on the center.

The rule controls Positive or Negative being strong and weak, Water or Fire being up and down, Ki or Blood to circulate the body. Human has also such role playing system of universe, at Spleen and Stomach of each body. Human has both Positive and Negative in their bodies, otherwise, they will die. Ki is stored at the Danjeon, and it will add new energy to the blood at the liver, and the blood will circulate whole body to supply oxygen, neutriant or engergy to the cells.  

Therefore, Choonggi practicing is the process accumulating Ki at the Danjeon and supply it to the whole body,. to make the health base at our body. That’s why it is the 1st level practicing. The new birth will be created by combining both fresh air (Positive) in the sky and the warm spirit (Negative) in the ground.

Human life is consisted of Chung (Spirit), Ki(kind of rule of Energy) and Sin (kind of power) and those are in the Head, Lower abdomen and Chest respectively. Kun is sky, Gon is ground and Human lives in between Kun and Gon and takes Ki from Kun and Gon.  Kungon practicing, will accumulate Ki at Chung, Ki and Sin, which are the core of our life. That’s why Kungon practicing is the 2nd level. 

5 kinds of Ki of Sky, and 6 kinds of Ki of Ground, are mixing and creating 6 mysterious Ki of  Human life. Among them, Water and Fire Ki makes Chung, Ki and Shin of human Life. 

There are 360 degrees in the sky, while there are 365 joints in human body. Wongi practicing is very difficult to practice, because it is changing whole body structure, to the theory of Universe, Sky and Ground. 

Please keep your body and mind in quiet, and concentrate on practicing only, to get the best theory of the Universe.

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