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If you hear of my story why I practice Kouksundo, then you could know how Kouksundo will help your health.

According to the recommendation of Mr. Shin, 4 years senior of High school and University, I started my Kouksundo from Feb. 1st, 2010. When I started Kouksundo, yes, I was really bad for my health. Becasue of over 30 years of my business history, my Bloold pressure was high too much and Kidney was partly in problem, Angina and over weight etc... Everyday, I took over 16 pills of medicine one for this one for others etc, but still every morning, I feel dizzy and my face color was always pink or red ... 

My friends keep introduced good Korean medical doctors, but I never trusted Korean medicine or any exercise programs, but my Doctor ( my elder brother ) prescribed me. 

But I and Mr. Shin were very close, and I decided to trust him once, because he had practiced Kouksundo over 5 years and kept a very good health condition. So I purchased a membership for 3 months which is the  minimum One term  membership. That's the starting of my Kouksundo practicing.

Magically,  I could feel something improved on my health, at the end of 3 month term. My weight was drop more than 10 lb, Blood pressure was dropped to quite under normal (110/70), and my face has been slim and white colored. ( Before, my face was red and swollen in the morning, due to bad Kidney ).

For those 3 months period, I didn't do any special things but Kouksundo practicing. Therefore, my changed health must be influenced by Kouksundo practicing.

If it is true, I was interested to know how it happened'. I heard explanation from Kouksundo seniors and master, but I couldn't satisfy me, because I couldn't quite understand thier explanation. Their explanation was based on Oriental philosophy and Korean Medicine theory only. I doubted there were any proven data or researched papers, but extremely metaphysical talkings .

So I tried to find the reasons for myself.  Fortunately, there were many  information on Internet and books. As health is more and more popular issue, TV also made special programs with many of professional Doctor's opinion and included many of proven research papers. I was happy to know them.

I suggested to do Online Kouksundo project, that has online website,, and computer programmed practicing videos to 4 other Kouksundo members including Master, and got their concent to work together. And I got a full technical support from Miss Kit Gateley, my 20 years business partner.

Now I understand how my health has been imroved for the 3 months of practicing. Basically, it's the power of our mysterious body, I would say it's a Power of Nature, simply.

As long as we don't touch the nature, which means if we leave our life by the rule of nature, our body will control everything smoothly. 

If we leave us in the nature, our mind will be peaceful, not angry, not worry not sad... untill it actually happened. There should be no pollution, and our autonomy nerve will keep balance. That is the status of nature. If you go to the deep mountain, nobody lives, or go to the paradise island, Slow city, then it's pure nature, and everything is in order of nature.

But unfortunately, the modern life where lives in the city, have been  too much complicated noisy by pollutions, worry, angry, fightings, sadness, stresses, etc. They will excite your sympathetic nerve too much and your autonomy nerves lose balance. The unbalanced autonomy nerves makes more Cotisol in your body, and get stressed more. Now your whole body should be stressed and use whold energy you make, while your immune sysem lose chance to be built up, and easy to get diseases, depression, can't sleep at night, changing DNA etc.

The only way is to restore the unbalanced autonomy nerves, is to send back to the original balancced position. But it is not easy. Even moderrn medical technology doesn't know much about it. It means no medicine yet. But doctors are recommending Proper Exercise.

It is because, God gave us the way to cure it. At least, it stops to go worse. It is the Breathing by the lower abdomen. Some doctors recommends Meditation, some doctors stretching. But we need all 3 of them for good result.

The most important one is Breathing. Stretching and Meditation are helping the effectiveness of Breathing. Because the lower abdomen deep breathing, stimulate your parasympathetic nerve and it reports to the brain that everything in our body is fine and calmful, peaceful. Then the brain orders to mitchondria not to make extra energy.

If our body don't make extra energy, then reactive oxygen and lactic acid also not produced any more. Reactive oxygen should kill virus or bacteria, but it doesn't matter to kill any cell nearby- it kills our body cell too. That's why extra reactive oxygen is so dangerous, and more than 90% of human diseases are known as related with this reactive oxygen. Lactic acid is not the very reason of tireness, but if we are tired, we need more glucose to remove the tirensss materials. By aerobic exercise, soft exercise with breathing, some of the lactic acid can be converted to glucose which is helpful to recover from tireness. 

Kouksundo is an exercise of Breathing with Stretching and Meditation. It is one of the typical aerobic exercise with breathing.

That is why my health was imporved in 3 months.   For more details, please visit, or visit



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