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 uSundo and it's theory < back is an online teaching format. It has been created in order to teach a Korean Internal Art, breathing & exercise system called Chunggakdo. It is one part of the Kouksundo system. Chunggakdo focuses on the health of its trainees. There are 4 progressive levels currently planned for online release,   Ipmoon (Entry) level, Choonggi level, Kungon level and finally Wongi level. USundo will make all four of these levels accessible by 2012.

We are also planning to add other supportive programs to aid your Chunggakdo practices.  An addendum set of exercises done after your main Chunggakdo practice, another one to teach pain control methods.
Consultation through Skype Video will also be available.

With people can exercise Chunggakdo any place at any time at home or in the office. Any quiet space with a computer or a smart phone, will make learning Kouksundo possible.

It's simple; you keep track of your own daily training schedule with uSundo's online calendar.  When you log in, click on today's Calendar date, and then choose your desired length of program, Click “Start “button
to begin.  Your current level practice is then video streamed via Internet.

For safety and to obtain maximum results from this training, we have specific amounts of times each level needs to be done. We monitor your practice weekly and will advance you to the next level of practice level when a current level is completed. Previous practice dates are available for review.

The following is a brief outline of how uSundo is organized.

Each uSundo program consists of 3 parts – Pre Haenggong, Haenggong and Post Haenggong.  Pre-Haenggong has 60 postures which stretch the whole body smoothing blood circulation and opening Energy (Ki).  Haenggong has over 500 postures and is the main practice.  It develops Energy (Ki) at the lower abdomen (Tan Cheon).  Post Haenggong consists of 30 postures which are used to re- distribute the Energy (Ki) to whole body.

Ki is a kind of Energy which is essential for our life from general energy to grow, work or do something. If Ki is exhausted, you will die. It’s compared to the Battery of car, for ignition of engines and to monitor all
the gauges or control parts.

There is no proven report but I believe Ki moves to major organs of our body by the difference of Electro-magnetic field strength. There is no physical road for Ki to move, like blood vessel or nerve etc. It moves as more like wind, without roads. Korean medicine maps its crossing points as Kyung, Rak, and Hyul. Longitude and Latitude, divided the body Kyung longitude a Vertical line, Rak latitude horizontal line and Hyul for the crossing points of Kyung and Rak.  And then they found that when they press one part of human body, then a specific organ in deep in human body shows reaction. These combinations of organs and points of Hyul is where Korean Medicine places Acupuncture points.

This following section is an outlined of protocol, theoretical & philosophical ideas applied in  Kouksundo uSundo.

First, applies the theories of Hyul and Kyung Rak to make postures effect organs. For example in Pre-Haenggong's in the 7th posture we slowly press Samumkyo-Hyul (2 inch up from inside right ankle)
with both thumbs to  stimulate the left Kidney with the warm Heart Energy.
Because, we know pressing Samumkyo-Hyul delivers the signals to Kidney, while the Hyul in the thumbs delivers signal to the Heart.

Second, follows the rule of Emu-Yang 5. Our ancestors observed nature for long time, and found that it would be born, grown, died and re-born, and with this they surmised everything has 2 opposite sides – Eum and Yang,
and then further deduced its composition into 5 key elements- Soo ( water ), Hwa ( fire ), Mok ( Tree ), To ( Earth ), and Kum (Iron ).  They also believed that if the universe or nature is made by the Eum-Yang, then the human life also should be the same.

Third, is the theory of Soo sung Hwa gang water goes up and fire down.
Wanting to live as part of nature or the universe, ancient peoples studied its ways. One example, they found that the hot sun evaporates the cool water, and that the vapor goes up into the sky.  They translated this to the human body Soo ( water- Kidney ) is in the lower abdomen and Hwa (
fire-Heart )  is in the middle of body. Therefore, they must pull down the warm temperature from Heart to heat the Kidney and cool Kidney must rise to cool Heart. This is how lower abdomen breathing imitates nature; water doesn’t go up unless it is changed to vapor by the heat of Heart.

Another example use of this theory is the 1st posture of Pre-Haengong, Kigigae (wake up by stretch). Exhale, and bend upper body down 135 degree, stretch arms and let hang freely down to collect the Earth Energy ( Eum, Soo ).  Then inhale shortly and hold breath, lift up upper body and the
arms until arms are overhead and slightly extend backward next to ears.
The Earth Energy (Eum, Soo) is lifted up to meet Universal Sky Energy (Hwa).
Fourth, in Chunggakdo of Kouksundo we use uniforms / belts to designate levels.
      1. Ipmoon     -  Entry level. 6 months, Blue uniform, white belt
      2. Choonggi   - 1st Practicing. 1 year. Blue uniform, white belt
      3. Kungon     -  2nd Practicing.  6 months. Blue uniform, Yellow belt.
      4. Wongi       -  Extra Practicing. 3-5 years. Blue uniform,Red belt for first half, and
                               Red Blue belt for 2nd half.
5. is an official website of uSundo, online Kouksundo, and has been made of
    fully automatic process to support Clients or Agents.
    It has TickPic to pay for Referral bonus to the Agents or anybody who referred clients. It
    is made of the latest IT technologies and understands who referred whom all the time.
    It focuses on the Global market, and therefore, it is written in both English and Korean.

As of Sep. 15, 2011, we posted 11 articles on many of the Search engines, and more than
    10 slide films on YouTube, and they are slowly working to send clients.
    To invite big number of clients, we have made some joint partner contracts. One of them is
    Korean medicine Newspaper to aim about 6,000 Korean medicine doctors, because we
    are sharing same root.
    Besides, we also contracted with the Re-union of Korean medicine college in LA, and
    jointed to take part in the after education programs for the Korean medicine doctors once
    a month from Oct. 23, 2011. We will keep trying to help their business by supporting the
    health of their clients.

    And so on ….

    K-Pop is becoming more and more famous to the world, and it is a good time to ride on
    the mood.

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