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The common problem for the people of uSundo or Fitness Club, is they quit so quickly, even if they bought one or more months membership, after considering hard decision to exercise for their health. It is because exercise is not actually exciting as game, or boring to exercise an hour a day. 

Although the normal program is to proceed as – 
   Pre-Haenggong  - Haenggong - Chosabup (Danjeon Breathing) - Post-
   Heaenggong, for 40 minutes a day. 

But, the reality is, only a few people can follow this process without complains, and mostly stop to exercise within a few days to weeks. 

Therefore, the issue is how to make a short program effectively. 
The answer is to make a Beathing exercise. 
Because no one hates to breathe, but must breathe in any circumstance to live. 

Therefore, we made a Breathing program for good health.
If you breathe too fast or too slow, both are not good for your health. 
Because, if you breathe too fast, the surplus oxygen will become active oxygen and will attack your cells. It is known as the reason of most of the diseases.
And if you breathe too slow, then your brain will be damaged by  lack of oxygen. 

Our Breathing program, Danjeon breathing, provides optimal breathings with optimal amount of oxygen. 

The Great master of Kouksundo – Cchungsan, learned Barkdalbup which is original Kouksundo, and then organized the postures with modern concept, and made current programs of Kouksundo to breathe by lower abdomen to control the optimal amount of oxygen for health, and put the name of Danjeon breathing (DB). And uSundo is the Online version of Kouksundo.

Although DB is popular exercise by many others in these days, but it was organized and completed as a good program for health, by Cchungsan of Kouksundo originally.   

Unlike others, if you exercise DB by rule of Kouksundo, then Ki is created at your Danjeon, but to accelerate it , stretching your whold body first is necessary. That is why you do Pre-Haenggong part before DB.  If you want to develop the Ki  more, then do Haenggong before DB. Once you develop enough Ki, then spread the Ki to whole body, and that’s why you do Post-Haenggong part after DB. 

Again, if you are busy, then exercise only DB, instead of skipping exercise. 
Continue 30-60 minutes to breathe, but you can split it by 3-5 minutes each and repeat as many times as you can. 

The basic pose of DB is to sit down with Lotus pose, crossing 2 legs, but it is difficult for the beginners. Then stand up, or lie down or sit down in comfortable pose. But if you endure the painful leg pose, it may help you to forget others but count the tempo of breathings only. That is why you sit down with difficult pose during DB.

Eventually, the most important concept for DB is to keep peaceful mind without misc thinking. If you think nothing, then painful Lotus pose may not be necessary. As long as you think this and that misc, then no matter how long time of DB, it will not work. Make a smile with peaceful face during DB. Then it will make you happy in return.      
Close your mouth, and breathe by Nose only. Exhale deeply first to make empty your body, and then inhale deeply for 5 seconds and then exhale deeply for 5 seconds, when you are a beginner. The expert will have own tempo of breathing.

Note 1
The Ki is the energy in the universe, and has been originated from the Big bang of the universe at the very beginning. It is everywhere in the universe even now. DB absorbs it and convert it to another type of Ki which is Vital energy for our brain and autonomic nerves. It is compared to the ATP energy we made from Food and make cells or bones and supply power for us to move or to work. The 2 types of energy support our body and spirit.  

Note  2
Surplus oxygen is to be HO, active oxygen. As it is very unstable, it try to get one more H from our normal cells. Therefore, HO is very much harmful and the reason of all kinds of diseases. DB will control, and get only necessary oxygen, and not to make HO. That is why DB is good for health. Crane, Turtle can live several hundred years by this low number of 

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