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 How to Breathe Deeply Using Your Lower Abdomen < back 
People breathe by chest usually, but Kouksundo breathing is different. It asks to breathe by lower abdomen.

Because, breathing by lower abdomen is not only supplying oxygen but also stimulating Parasympathetic nerves to control the balance of Autonomy nerves in neutral.

Kouksundo has different levels and steps, and each level has been consisted of 3 parts - Pre Haenggong, Haenggong and Post Haenggong.
How to Breathe in Kouksundo is different by program in method and difficulty.

1. Common Generals.
Breathing is so critical for human life, in other words, it is dangerous if it is not properly controlled. Therefore, Kouksundo starts from easy to difficult, or more number of breathings to less number of breathings.
Let say, the beginner breathes (inhael exhale)6 times/ minute, but high level expert trainers breathes 2times/min.

(Note) Reducing the number of breathing, should be done naturally by the progress. If you hurry, before you are ready, then you feel difficulty to keep the tempo, and your brain may be hurt.
Therefore, follow the rule strictly. One of very important factor for smooth breathing, is to control your mind peacefully.
If you fail it, then you will have difficulty to keep the tempo of breathing.
Please breathe by nose only, not by mouth, and by lower abdomen not by chest.
You need to breathe quietly and peacefully, and close your eye. Try to think nothing.

2. Postures.
There are Standing position, Sitting down position and lieing down position. Whatever the position is, you should breathe by same tempo, same peaceful mind and close your eye. Don't think anything.

3. Breathing for Pre Haenggong and Post Haenggong.
Exhale as much as you can, to empty your abdomen. Then, inhale quickly when you start the posture and then hold breathing until you finish the posture. Then exhale.

4. Breathing for Haenggong.
It is complicated. So we made a video for you to follow the changing Blue(Inhale), Yellow(Hold) or Red(Exhale)box at the aux screen in the Video screen.
There are different level - Ipmoon, Choonggi, Kungon and Wongi level. We programmed to show proper breathing by each level.

( Note ) Even if you keep your level and step properly, but if you fail to control your mind peacefully, then keeping the temp may be difficult.
Then don't hesitate to go down, and try to recover your mind again peacefully, and then come back to original breathing tempo. It's safe for you.

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