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 Basic concept of uSundo, an Online version of Kouksundo. < back 

Basic concept of uSundo, an Online version of Kouksundo.

uSundo has been developed and practiced by Koreans for 9,700 years where they lived in Korean peninsular, Manchuria and east China, to survive from cold weather and dangerous beasts. Sometimes, they must fight against their enemy to protect their food or safety

There are 2 distinct genres in uSundo.

One is Health improving part. And the other is Martial art.

These days, Martial arts is not quite necessary because guns or other weapons are used for fighting. But Health improving has been more and more required, because of so complicated worlds, pollution, bad foods, new bacteria or virus etc. Therefore, uSundo is a practicing exercise for Health of people.

Not only for uSundo but also for every culture in Korea and China, are defined by the 2 rules of nature -  The first rule is that everything in the universe is composed by Yin and Yang, and  the 2nd rule is that everything in the universe, are running by the 5 elements changing rule - water, fire, tree, metal or soil. And there are so many features by each element, but all of them are running by the 1st and 2nd rule of nature.

( You may know that the modern Physics are finding the secret of universe one after another, although still 99% are unknown, and they already accepted true that everything in the universe are composed of Pair thing or Twin. If there is A, then there must be another which has same feature of A. It's true, and it's same as our Yin and Yang. )

It is 100% Meta-Physics at this moment. It may be found as Real one in the future, but not as of today. 

How do we use this Meta-Physics it in real life ?

Buddhism is trying to practice Sun, and to get the answers for  where did they come from, and where are they going, Is there another world of Before-birth or After- death ? Who am I ? etc etc 

Meditation is used when people want to be releasing from so many life matters or misc thoughts. They try to empty their brain, and try to put new, creative things to the empty brain. Some doctors are using it to cure some diseases. 

Yoga has some versions. Some for Diet, some for fun... 

Some martial arts are using the theory to increase it's power, which is not good when they are getting old. Because, they may lose their balance and die earlier or be suffer by diseases. 

We don't count various kinds of Chinese martial arts or Chinese Sundo. Because, their way is quite different from our way. Kikong is also a mixed one of Chinese one and ours.

 uSundo is only concentrating on Live long without Diseases. 

We neither teach martial arts nor ask people to empty their brain, or forget everything. And we are not interested in finding answers of our life, as Buddhism does.

What we are doing on uSundo, is to monitor inside of body and mind,  to create and supply Ki to all body.

As it takes fairly long time to do create and supply Ki, some people may feel boring, but once they taste your Ki, then they will excite very much about it and never stop to practice it.

Ki and its Imagination at Haenggong

If you are at Ipmoon( Entry level ) or Choonggi( First ) level, perhaps, you may not see the imagination at Haenggong, unless you are a special person. Because you may not control the keep rising useless thoughts, and they will disturb your mind.  

But, if you are an expert of uSundo already, Kungon or higher level, then perhaps you have a strong chance of seeing such imagination at every Haenggong.

The hardware of Haenggong may be the Stretching, Postures and the software of Haenggong may be the Meditation, Breathing. What that mean is, Ki is created by Haenggong, but not enough. You need help by Stretching Postures to smooth your muscles to circulate the blood and Ki. And then you need another help by Breathing to supply minimum amount of oxygen to your brain and other cells.  It helps to make your mind in peaceful. Now all environment to create Ki have been activated.

The imagimation, which is the Ki, will be created at the lower abdomen and you will see the imagination of dancing and swimming Ki on the black background which is the black universe.

How look like Ki may be different by person, by case, but in my case, it has some bright and brilliant lights like Aurora in polar area, or Emerald..and are swimming or dancing on the black background. 

Here, the black background may be the imagination of the Black universe, which is more than ¾ of whole universe.

Ki is the vital energy of our life, and if it is exhausted, then you will die.

Therefore, you must refill it before it is completely exhausted. Normally, you can refill it by comfortable sleeping or by practicing Haenggong of uSundo, but as car battery, just be careful to refill always.

Ki is vulnerable or fragile against the outside interruptions. If you are excited or unstable, Ki will not be refilled. You must keep your mind so peaceful. Deep and periodic Breathing with rhythms, may help to create and accumulate the Ki and Stretching will help to distribute the Ki to whole body.

We don’t need Meditation itself, but is helps to keep your mind in peaceful.

This is a very unique power of uSundo, to improve your health.

How can we prove it   ?

How can we explain our specific organ is matched with what specific element among 5 ones  ?  How do you control Ki ?                                                                                                How can we prove creating and supplying Ki will help good health

 As you know that, this is a pure Meta-Physics which is a virtual theory

More Doctors are saying Stretching, Meditation and Breathing are good for health, but still they are not know much about the secrets of life. They can’t say Negative on uSundo.  

Because Kouksundo has been famous for thousands of years, and has so many successful recover stories.

We will keep adding more and more successful stories of recovering health by uSundo. 

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