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 How to prevent Colorectal cancer - Kouksundo breathing < back 

It is reported that more and more Koreans are getting Colorectal cancer, these days. Perhaps, it is because Koreans have been eating more meats than before and are depending on cars, less exercise. Perhaps, good microorganisms in the intestines are more difficult to live and this might be an important reason why Colorectal cancer rate to Koreans is increasing.

Although the modern medical practice can cure many of the patients, but still prevention is better. Nutrition is absorbed by the intestines and the leavings are discharged. It is a good place for all kinds of microorganisms to live. But, always, the bad microorganisms are more competitive to survive than good microorganisms.

Unless we protect good microorganisms specially, they will not survive at all, and hence the danger of Colorectal cancer is increasing. Although we can supply good microorganisms from outside, by eating lactic acid bacillus in Yoghurt, but the problem is they will die soon in the stomach, and not arrive at the intestines. Some lactic acid bacillus in the Kimchi or Korean soy bean paste, are known as strong enough to survive until it reaches the intestines. Therefore, eating Kimchi and Korean Soy bean paste may reduce the danger of Colorectal cancer. But be careful. It has lots of salt and hot pepper for some issue, you must control how much and how frequently eat them.

If we breathe the air, lung will filter the oxygen from air and exchange oxygen by CO2 in the blood which returned from whole body to the lung. Now, the blood will travel to the cells and again exchanges oxygen by CO2 in the cell. The more we breathe, then we can bring more oxygen and can replace more CO2 , but again we need some control for the breathing. If we breathe too much oxygen, it is dangerous for our body. Because, whenever we use oxygen to make energy, Active oxygen is also generated accordingly, and it is well known for the most common reasons of all known diseases or getting old. On the other hand, if we supply less oxygen than necessary, it is also dangerous for brains. Therefore, breathing is very critical for health, and controlled by autonomic nerve.

The role of autonomic nerve is so critical, and should keep balance all the time, and not influenced by others for fair control - not too much, not too less. In the reason, it has been consisted of 2 nerves, to keep balance between them. They are Sympathetic nerve and Parasympathetic nerve. These 2 nerves will control our body in opposite direction, to keep balance.

But unfortunately, we have been confronted by so many noises in the life, pollutions and lots of stress, so they push or stimulate the Sympathetic nerve always. With that reason, we are getting so tired by the useless exciting, easily getting angry and breathe so fast etc… Eventually, lots of Active oxygen is keep producing, and that’s why we are getting old fast, or getting diseases.

The only way to return autonomic nerve back to neutral situation, is to stimulate Parasympathetic nerve together. Lower abdomen breathing is the only way to stimulate the Parasympathetic nerve, because it is protected by the pelvic bones.

Kouksundo is the right exercise to stimulate the Parasympathetic nerve by lower abdomen breathing, and make a new balance of autonomic nerve. Besides, Kouksundo has over 100 stretching postures and over 500 Haenggong postures to massage the whole body, so the blood circulate smoothly, and the signals sensed from body end pass to the brains smoothly. Kouksundo also has meditation posture which is good for resting of brains. Besides, when we breathe deeply by using the lower abdomen, fresh spirit which is vital life energy will be supplied to the intestines and help good microorganisms to get energy to live well, and it helps to reduce the danger of Colorectal cancer.

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