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Purpose of this exercise

    Build Ki (Spiritual energy) by deep Breathing and to stretch the Ki and to circulate blood to your whole body.

    English and Korean ( Default is English.)

Process to exercise

    1. Log in. - Input your Email Address and Password.
    2. [ My Account ]  --> [ My training program ]     
    3. Daily training schedule is shown at the Calendar. Click today link to exercise. You can review past links, but not allow to see future links.
        If you skip any day's exercise, then the future schedule will be shown on the calendar.
    4. Select any one of 20, 40 minutes exercise.  Recommend 40 minutes program for daily exercise. 
        If you are extremely busy, or you want to more than 40 minutes, then exercise Short program --> Danjeon Breathing only. 
        You can repeat as many times of the Danjeon breathing only as you want, a day.   
    5. 2 buttons. 
         1. Practice button -  Go directly to exercise. Video screen will come out.
         2  Posture  -  See Images collection of Postures first, before starting exercise.  
    6. Click [ Practice ] will start the program.


     Unless you are qualified by us, you should start from ilsang (1st Step) of Ipmoon(Entry) Level, but you can select any  
     one of 20 or 40 minutes program. It takes minimum 90 days to finish whole Ipmoon Level.
     If you have exercised already from elsewhere, please inform it to us, then we will consider to adjust your starting level.
     The most important Keypoint to exercise uSundo, is to breathe by lower abdomen ( Danjeon Breathing ) with so peaceful,
     not disturbed mind which forget all misc thoughts during breathing. Breathe deeply by Nose only, close your mouth.
     If your breathing is perfect, the feather in front of nose will not move by the breath from the nose. 
     The first 1-3 months will be hard time but if you pass the period, then you can feel some fun or pleasure of exercise.
     You can feel better conditions from 1 year later, but at least 3-6 years of exercise is required for really good health.

Our next products schedule 

    1. By Apr. 2012           -  Pain control programs, some basic Martial arts, 

          May                    -   Wongi Level. ( up to #5 first and then it will be continued. )
    2. Marketing program for Agents and Subagents. - Landing page, Upload Products to sell.

    Just follow the schedule showed on the Calendar. It will be calculated automatically.
    You can review and practise the past schedule again, but can't do for future schedule.  

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